1. Setup your account, choose a Short Code, customize your Mobile Home page, and add your property listings to Mobile Listing Service

2. Place your Short Code on any type of advertising to drive buyers to your Mobile Home Page. Place MLS ID's or property Street Address to drive buyers to specific listings

3. Buyers see your advertising and text your Short Code, MLS ID's or Street Addresses to Mobile Listing Services’s short code (48696) to get information about you, your listings, and a link to a media-rich mobile Web page complete with photos and full descriptions.

4. Buyer receives information in a text message reply. Mobile Home Page includes full agent information, photos, messaging, and categorized links to all active listings.

5. Every property listing includes complete descriptions and multiple photos

6. Listings contain immediate way for buyer to contact agents via email, text message, or live call. All leads and visits are recorded in a Web-based control panel.

7. Lead Tracking and Analytics

Because your home page and listings are fully mobile, interested buyers don't wait until they're in front of a computer to get more info and they don't have to remember a Web address. They respond right on-the-spot via email, text message, a live phone call—or all 3! Leads don't get hotter than this!