The mobile information revolution means your real estate business and your property listings can reach buyers anytime and anywhere. With the explosion of mobile email, text messaging, and mobile Web browsing; cell phones are no longer just for making voice calls. They've become a full-fledged, 2-way mobile marketing channel.

Mobile Listing Service opens this channel to your real estate business with it's SMS marketing services. You're outfitted with a custom Mobile Home Page and Short Code keyword that can be advertised anywhere including your sign riders, bus benches, yard signs, or print ads. Buyers "text" your Short Code and even MLS ID's and Street Addresses to the Mobile Listing Service system in order to view your media-rich mobile Home Page and property listings right on their mobile phones.

Imagine! Your offline advertising become interactive and more powerful by letting customers respond immediately to what they see—without even getting out of their cars. No longer do they have to remember a Web address and wait until they’re in front of a computer. In fact, you’ll generate more leads and increase measurable response rates directly from any printed advertising.

What The Experts Say

“Over 50% of the 262 million U.S. mobile phone subscribers have Mobile Internet access and 75% have text messaging capabilities.”
— InsightExpress, September 2007

“There were over 28 billion text-messages sent in June 2007. Almost 1 billion per day!”
— CTIA Wireless Association

“Daily usage of text-messaging and mobile browsing is growing fastest among 25-54 year olds with over 40% of them using text-messaging daily.”
— InsightExpress, September 2007

“The development of the mobile web gives your business the opportunity to extend its reach through an additional marketing channel. People carry their mobile phones everywhere and are depending on them more and more for answering questions and accomplishing tasks.”
— Red Door Interactive's Paul Bruemmer, iMedia Connection, December 2007

“Due to the sense of immediacy and relevancy, SMS text-message campaigns can result in response rates of up to 10%.”
— International Data Corporation